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A new and innovative idea that has begun to be implemented is 3D transitions. These are bituminous markings that they acquire and a third dimension and instead of flat they look like elongated blocks of solid material that cast their shadow on the asphalt. It is, of course, an optical trick, which immediately reduces the speed of the drivers approaching such pedestrian crossings as they fear the possibility of a collision on the virtual three-dimensional obstacles.

These crossings are made using:

A) Cold Plastic materials
B) Thermoplastic materials
C) Prefabricated thermoplastic materials

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The color combination gives the 3rd dimension impression, making the drivers to approach the crossings carefully, greatly increasing the safety of the pedestrians. A smart and fun solution, especially on roads where there are schools, parks and a large number of pedestrians, mostly children.


strisce pedonali 3d 1


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