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Prefabricated road markings refer to the markings and signals of various sizes and colors of thermoplastic material. By using prefabricated thermoplastic materials it is possible to help regulate traffic, economical, as their application is straightforward and simple. First, the surface is cleaned and after the material is applied (markings or line). prefabricated markings1
prefabricated markings2 Using a propane flame, the material is heated to melt and becomes homogeneous with the surface of the pavement. The use of prefabricated road marking avoids traffic jamming and to stop the traffic is not required. The application of the material is not affected by weather conditions and can therefore be applied at any time of year.
Prefabricated thermoplastics have excellent reflectivity, providing safety even under conditions of limited visibility. The application and the removal are environmentally friendly and do not contain toxic substances, lead or other heavy metals. The life span of these materials is the same as that of thermoplastic marking, making it suitable for areas with heavy traffic. prefabricated markings3