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These materials include those materials for which, prior to their application, the catalyst is required to mix with the main material in order to carry out the chemical reaction required to adhere and cure the material on the pavement. Complete drying of the stripe is usually achieved within 8-15 minutes at an ambient temperature of 25 ° C. The final film you create has excellent durability and high mechanical strength. The longevity lifetime is determined by the thickness of the final film.

Thus, for every 1 mm of cold-plastic material the life span varies:

A. On a highway from 24 to 30 months

B. In urban network from 18 to 24 months


Correspondingly for 2 millimeters the life span is doubled:

A. On a highway from 48 to 60 months

B. Urban network from 36 to 48 months


The final thickness is adjusted and determined by the need for the layout and the end user. Our company produces special types of pneu plastic materials even for the construction of speed reduction systems, so-called slecks or Speed ​​Humps in thickness up to 5-6 centimeters.

For the application of these materials various techniques are used which allow the psychoplastic to take different forms depending on the desired effect such as:


  • Bullet shape 
                         cold plastic 1             
  • Splashing
                         cold plastic 2
  • Tear shape
                         cold plastic 3
  • In flat line 2-3mm thick
                         cold plastic 4
  • Acoustic lanes
                         cold plastic 5
  • Spray from 0.6-1.2mm
                         cold plastic 6



Techniques and shapes that have been created around the world for shrink-wrapping are designed to create resilient high reflectivity lines even under rain or reduced visibility, thus providing guidance and increased directional visibility. They also maintain high slip resistance even in urban and pedestrian crossings offering safety to both drivers and pedestrians.Pneumo-plastic materials are available in various colors offering unlimited horizontal marking capabilities in urban, suburban roads and in areas where pedestrian safety is vital, such as schools, parks, etc.